A hospice house is a home with one to several rooms dedicated to hospice patients

What if you are not able to take care of your loved one at their house or your house? What if you and your loved one do not want to go into any type of sterile facility such as assisted living or a skilled nursing facility? …

My clinical manager recently shared a story from an admission she did in early July 2021. She went out to admit a patient with multiple cancer diagnoses who was sent home from the hospital to pass away at home. …

Pain is referred to as the 5th vital sign with the other four being temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and respiration count. The last four mentioned are objective signs measured with reasonable precision and accuracy with pain being subjective.

The pain rating (0–10/10) is whatever the patient tells you. Yet, what…

Peter M. Abraham, BSN, RN

RN experience: cardiology unit at a Magnet-awarded teaching hospital, RN supervisor for a SNF/LTC with 151 residents, and rural home hospice.

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